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Car Locksmith Toronto

Our Team of Car Locksmith experts, are here to help you with any Automotive key and lock inquiry. We provide service in Toronto and the GTA area , with exclusive equipped Locksmith vans 24 Horus a day.

TBC locksmith prices are always up front , and you speak directly with a live Automotive locksmith that is located in Toronto.

We stand behind our work and quietly, we do not need a call center but TBC Locksmith in Toronto believes in direct access from the first phone call all the way to completing the job!

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If you have lost you car key you would probably need a new key asap , as our most of the daily life routine depends on our mobility , therefore finding a trustee locksmith in Toronto, is not an easy task,

But let me tell you how to distinguished between a professional locksmith near your location and between a service call center that is located else where ,

  • Fist go through online reviews

  • make sure the address you see on Google maps is a real store address that leads you to a locksmith shop.

  • Call in and make sure to get fixed prices, as there are many companies out there were they can provide you with a beginning price of $15 and up but than at the end of the work you will be surprised how much more expensive the service came up to !

Car Key Locksmith Toronto


Although brand new vehicles now come with more advanced locking and alarm systems, the fact that they are industry standard, make them vulnerable to violation by a determined car thief. That is why installing better and more advanced locks is greatly important. Our master locksmiths will install any lock system and anti-theft device on your car no matter the model or make. They are trained to perform their job without leaving any dents or scratches on your paint finish or interior upholstery.